Hail Metal Warriors! THE KIBITZER here to bring you some fresh new talent! I’ve heard of these guys for a couple of months now and I finally had an opportunity to sit down and listen to the five tracks that they have out on their Reverbnation page.
  From Plymouth, Massachusetts,  let’s give it up for Crown of Malice: Mikey Currier-Bass, Joshua Whiting-vocals, Adam Baran-guitar, and Thomas Wittig on drums. Given that these songs were written and recorded before they had settled on a drummer, they did one hell of a job with just a drum machine. Armed with the tools and the right attitude that they set forth in producing this demo, Crown of Malice has the makings of something fresh and something that I haven’t heard in a while. They are definitely what their bio describes them as.
  Crown Of Malice is an amalgamation of Thrash, Black, Death, and Progressive Metal with some Crossover Hardcore thrown in for some color. This is the first time that I never had to guess what they are. They are truly the product of their creation. I’m not going to hone in on the production aspect of their songs. Instead, their musicianship caught my ear. The opener, “Behold The Crown”, has that Thrash vibe of old that I like. The next song, “Forsaken” starts off with some Black Metal type synthesizers and launches off with a nice Death/Progressive blend of styles. To close it out, you have the instrumental “Execution Day”. The great thing that I like is that they switch off between Black and Death Metal vocals for variation and to break the monotony of things. A very good combination. I have no doubt about their musicianship.
  They have some loose ends to tighten up when it comes to their sound. More definition and a cleaner tone would help out the rhythm guitar. They’re right there with the vocals. They just need to concentrate on pitch, tone and switching between the two styles. Overall, Crown of Malice has something really good here and I’d like to hear more from them if and when they re-record the current tracks or when they release some new tunes. Only time will tell.
  I give the demo a 3.25 out of 5 stars. I think you’ll be hearing more from these guys in the future. Take my word for it! This is THE KIBITZER signing off and until next time…RAGE!!!
1.     Behold The Crown
2.     Forsaken
3.     Ending
4.     Grinder
5.     Execution Day

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