VEHEMENCE – Helping the World to See

Helping the World to See
(Metal Blade)
This 11 track album is the second release from Vehemence for Metal Blade Records.  Their first album was released in 2002 and so soon after, here they have Helping the World to See.
The song “By Your Bedside” is a great way to start off the album. It lets you ‘see’ in no uncertain terms what you will be about to deal with on this sonic journey.
“Trinity Broadcasting (Know Your Enemy)” deals with the ‘give me your money and I’ll make you think that, through me, God has healed you’ mentality that so many people get suckered into. I love the part where they sing “Time for a commercial break…!”
“To The Taste” deals with something that a lot of us might appreciate, and if I have to spell it out, then you don’t need to know. Actually, of the subject matter in these songs having the effect of getting me all freaked, this song was the one I found most ‘tasteful.’ Hardy-har-har. Like I said, if I need to explain it…
“You Don’t Have To Be Afraid Anymore” is a good song, but it would make certain females wary of divorcing their husbands. Who knows which of our husbands would snap and kill us, our kids, and himself , if we decided to kick him out of the picture.
Other good songs by this five piece band  are “Spirit of the Soldier” and “What Could Go Wrong,” the latter being a song about someone obviously doing drugs to numb the pain of what once was an ideal family life, now wreaked because of a cheating mother.
The last track, “Her Beautiful Eyes,” has the ping-pong effect of the throaty death vocals of Nathan Gearhart and the reciprocal screechy vocals of Mark Kozuback who is also the bassist.
These songs obviously deal with some serious subject matter, in a very death metal way. This is a very satisfying second  release from Vehemence. If you want to learn more about them, you can visit: or
(Mariena Randazzo)


Tim Rhodes – Redemption

For those who would rather listen to Christian metal, then Tim Rhodes might be the guy for you.
His second release is an album dedicated to his thoughts, urgings and fulfilling attributes one would find if they were choosing to look for ‘redemption.’
Driven by his own ‘re-birth’ and the willingness to spread the word of Jesus, Mr. Rhodes has put together a 10 song entreaty that sounds pretty good for one guy trying to pull an album together all by himself.
Playing a style of music he has called “Faith Metal,” this Ohio musician has gained an audience that likes the heavy sound without the typical subject matter that goes along with it.
This is definitely an album with a message. Rhodes explains his motivation on the Redemption homepage: “I would like to talk to you about repentance of sin and the redemption that is offered through God’s plan of salvation. Repentance is not condemnation, it’s liberation…”
Having an almost early 80’s metal sound, this album’s best sounding songs include “Soul Winners and Grave Diggers,” “Lies,” and “Secular Circus.”
You can read the lyrics and listen to some of the songs when you visit his website. Be sure to check out his first album I Am Not What Meets The Eye as well. There is also a huge Christian metal link section.
Learn more about Tim Rhodes and his music at:
(Mariena Randazzo)